How To Make A Carpenter Bee Trap Using An Old Milk Jug

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Whether you are allergic to bees or you just don’t want them around your yard, bees show up every year without fail.

Carpenter bees are some of the most common bees around and while they won’t necessarily hurt you, they can still create fear among children and guests. Female carpenter bees have a stinger, but will only sting if handles or touched.

Carpenter bees are attracted to the scent of PineSol? So we can use that to our advantage when it comes to getting rid of them. The sweet scent lures them in and the cleaning solution does the rest of the work from there. Jill even provides proof by sharing photos of the hack on her original Facebook post.

We must warn readers, though. Bee populations are crucial to our continued survival. If you do not have an actual bee problem at your home, do not launch an attack for the mere sake of doing so.

She recommends hanging a plastic milk jug that has been filled with PineSol in high ‘bee’ traffic areas. All you need to do is cut the milk jug at a slant, add the cleaning solution, and the rest takes care of itself.

Thanks to thisĀ simple hack, those who are in need of assistance can finally protect their outdoor spaces. While we do not recommend this hack to anyone who does not have a severe bee-related issue, it will help those who truly need it immensely. If the bees are not bothering you, please do not bother them.