Utah Park Sued For $270M After Woman Is Decapitated By Security Gate

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The couple was just heading out to get some ice cream, when the tragedy occurred.

The husband of a human rights activist decapitated at a Utah park is suing for a whopping $270million.

Ludovic Michaud was driving with his 25-year-old wife Esther Nakajjigo out of Arches National Park to get some ice cream, when large, metal security gate swung into their car and decapitated Nakajjigo.

The lawsuit alleges that had park employees used an $8 padlock to secure the gate from moving in the breeze, it could have avoided the victim being “needlessly decapitated”.

Instead, “the end of the lance-like gate pierced the side of their car and penetrated it like a hot knife through butter.”

The gate just missed Michaud, however, the incident left him covered in his wife’s blood and extremely traumatized.

Nakajjigo was a women’s rights champion in her home country of Uganda; she founded a nonprofit community health center using her college tuition money, and created two reality TV shows centered around empowering women.

She came to the United States to further her education, where she met Michaud, a video streaming technology solution architect, on a dating app.

Attorney Deborah Chang said the large monetary damages being sought by Nakajjigo’s widower and her parents reflect the pain and suffering, as well as the loss of her future income and fundraising abilities.