8 Hacks To Writing A College Paper Without Any Plan

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Writing a college or university paper can be critical if you lack sufficient writing skills, but it always helps you learn new things and come up the expectations of tutors. Some professors will assign research papers and assignments on a regular basis, while the others will get you involved in class discussions and presentations. In either way, the aim is to help you improve your interpersonal skills as well as prepare you for a bright and prosperous future. So, instead of relying on a cheap essay writing service, you should remember the following tips to write a flawless paper.

Choose your topic wisely

The very first thing is the selection of your topic. You must choose it wisely and after thorough discussion with your classmates. Next you have to get it approved by the professor before starting writing and be clear with what you want to write. For instance, if you’re going to write the biography of Barack Obama, you should begin the essay with his family background and qualifications. Then you can proceed with his political career and life after quitting on politics. At the end of the essay, you must mention how he has contributed to the welfare of the United States and what we have learned from his life. While writing a college paper, you should be able to create crystal clear main points to keep your readers engaged throughout.

Write a thesis statement

In the last line of your first paragraph, you must write a thesis statement which should be simple, clear and unique. In the next sections, you can support your arguments with a number of examples and provide logical evidence. If you are confused about how to write a thesis statement, we suggest you to consult your tutor as soon as possible.

Read others’ papers

Reading can help develop your personal writing style, so you would have to outweigh your dull nature and read the papers of your class-fellows or seniors. This will allow you to learn writing techniques and styles, and you will eventually get a grip over formatting styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and others. The more you read, the better are your chances to structure an effective and informative college paper.

Do not plagiarize

Once the reading is over and you are ready to start writing, make sure that you don’t copy lines or ideas of others. Instead, you can brainstorm and come up with a whole new product. Plagiarism is not acceptable in academic writing and your professor might fail you in the class. If you want to use someone’s lines or paragraph, you must properly cite it to avoid any problem.

Forget about Wikipedia

It’s safe to say that Wikipedia is one of the best and famous websites for getting information. Many students opt for this encyclopedia and other similar websites to collect relevant data, but this is not an authentic and reliable source. In fact, professors and college administrators discourage students from using Wikipedia for their academic projects. They are asked to use books and journals for research. You shouldn’t miss your chance of getting help from your seniors or social media friends. If you don’t have access to libraries, then you must ask for help rather than using Wikipedia.

Edit and proofread your paper

Most often, students forget about editing and proofreading and submit their papers as such. You should avoid doing so since your paper might contain lots of spelling or grammatical error. We suggest you to proofread and edit it manually, but if you don’t have enough time and the deadline is approaching, then you can try an online tool. A large number of free and paid software and tools are available that help you proofread your paper, get rid of mistakes and edit your vocabulary, giving your college paper a more professional and impressive look.

Submit your draft

Before finalizing the paper, you must submit a draft to the tutor for approval. On the basis of his feedback and suggestions, you can change the format or layout to enhance its look and ensure quality. That has to be done prior to the deadline because you might be asked to change the content or references of your paper, so make sure you don’t miss the deadline and submit the draft at least 15 days ago.

Avoid distractions

Emails, ambient noises and social media sites can distract your attention and create problems for you. That’s why you should always avoid these distractions and pay utmost attention to your work. We suggest you turn off the internet and close the web browser. At the same time, you shouldn’t waste time on useless discussions with family and avoid listening to songs.


With a 2,000-word essay assigned, it isn’t allowed to use unnecessary words or phrases. Instead, you should focus on quality and write to-the-point. There is no room for useless arguments or paragraphs as your professor might get angry and give you poor marks. Thus, you should write meaningful, concise and informative content, and do not compromise on quality. Once the paper has been written, you can format it and submit to your tutor for evaluation.