Tips And Tricks To Obtaining The Perfect Mustache

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Every man wants to look his best, especially when it comes to their facial hair. Here are some tips and tricks on how to achieve the mustache you can possibly have!

Getting A Perfect Trim

This is where most men fail and ruin their gorgeous mustaches. They finally manage to grow a mustache, but when the time comes when they need to trim, they mess up. That doesn’t always have to happen. Trimming the mustache is very important because it makes you look sleek and put together. Let’s start with the most basic step: do the trimming in a well-lit place. You gotta see yourself well so that you achieve best results! Then use soap for face (don’t use the regular soap, please, it’s really bad for the skin) and wash your beard. Then, comb it downwards.

Now let’s start with the trim itself. Firstly, trim the parts of the mustache that fall on your upper lip. This is probably the part that annoys you the most, so get rid of it. But, be careful! A little trick here is to follow the shape of your mouth. Go as slowly as you need to. Make sure you don’t trim too much right away because when the hairs dry they’ll appear shorter! Trimming the top parts of the mustache is quite easy, you just need to make sure your hands are steady while doing it. After the process is done, comb your mustache once more just to check if everything looks perfect. If you’re a guy who wants every detail being of his mustache to be just right, you’ll love to style mustaches like these. Voila! You’ve just saved up a lot of money by doing all of this yourself.

It’s Possible To Stimulate Mustache¬†Growth

Men with fantastic mustaches like Burt Reynolds would tell you that it’s simple to grow out your mustache. They’ll probably tell you “just do not trim it”, but that isn’t a good enough advice. You’ll need some little extra tricks if you want best results. Some men are born with genes that enable them to have amazing facial hair, but some aren’t. Don’t worry; there’s hope for everyone.

The simplest way to stimulate hair growth is with a good diet. To achieve the best possible results in mustache, you’ll need to increase your protein intake. Eggs. Eat all of the eggs. Seriously, they’re the best food that you can choose while growing out your mustache. Not only do they have a lot of protein, but they also contain biotin, which is the main vitamin for facial hair growth.

While we’re on the topic of protein-rich foods, you can eat any nuts, since all of them contain a lot of protein. But, if you want to choose one particular type, eat Brazil nuts, they also contain high amounts of the mineral called selenium. This mineral is essential for facial hair growth. Then, let’s go back to basics that most people overlook. Firstly, orange juice. Yes, the good old orange juice with lots of fructose. Fructose works well here because it makes testosterone attach easier to hair follicles. That will make your beard fuller and stronger. Second often overlooked food for beard growth are potatoes. They’re the best option for when you’re in need of carbohydrates. Why are carbohydrates so important for facial hair growth? Because they also stimulate testosterone secretion.

Shhh! Check out this trick!


Let’s be honest, waiting for mustaches to grow can be quite unnerving. Even if we’re eating all the right foods and we’re trimming our mustaches-in-growth the right way, this is a slow process. Depending on your facial hair type and your genes, it might take several weeks for you to see these great results. What until then? Well, there’s always a trick of dyeing your mustache darker color. This will make your, currently short, mustache appear much longer. It will also give the look of fuller facial hair. Unless you go overboard and choose a very dark dye, nobody will know your secret. This is a great little trick for men whose mustaches only grow until a certain length and then stop. Since this is an issue that will need more attention and possibly even treatment, these men can try this trick.

Go Back To The Basics

Just like with every other organ, the first “trick” is to exercise and get enough sleep. You might be wondering why is this trick so important for achieving best results in mustache. That’s because while you’re sleeping, your whole body is rebuilding and repairing itself. This is also what’s happening to your facial hair while you’re sleeping. And, why is working out so important? It’s because exercise builds up your immune system which is, among many another thing, responsible for hair growth. While we’re on the subject of good health, we have to mention that if you want a good looking mustache, smoking is not allowed! Smoking will impair your circulation which means that blood will not be reaching the hairs well enough. This will make your mustache look less healthy. Oh, and we have to mention that smoking for a longer time will definitely make your mustache look yellow. And, we can all agree that having a yellow mustache isn’t something anybody wants.

While some men are blessed with fabulous mustaches, other men have to work for them. It’s not impossible to achieve a great looking mustache, especially with these little tricks. Knowing when and how to trim your moustache is a must. Then comes the taking care of your overall health. That’s always the step one for any appearance-related goal.