Husky Starved By Cruel Owner For Two Years Undergoes Incredible Transformation

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After been starved and neglected for 2-years, a husky has shocked the world by making an incredible recovery and transformation.

The Oklahoma-based animal rescue charity, Pet Angels Rescue, shared the story of Finn, a starved husky who has made the most incredible transformation.

Upon being found, Finn was “nothing more than a bag of bones.”

For two whole years, the poor dog had been tied up on a leash without proper food, water, or shelter.

Speaking about his condition when he arrived, one of the rescuers said:

“As soon as we pulled up, we just kind of looked at each other, we just lost it. He was a bag of bones, he had barely any fur on him. It was absolute pure neglect.”

And the reason behind Finn’s treatment left his rescuers nothing short of sick and disgusting…