I Drank Diluted Pine Sol – What do I do?

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Recently I drank diluted 20% Pine-Sol and 80% Water.  I didn’t do it on purpose, I was cleaning the day before and used an empty vitamin water bottle to hold my cleaning agent.  I panicked and read everything I could online.  I was about to go to the hospital when my common sense kicked in and this is what I did.  I looked at my dog and wondered what would I do if she drank Pine-sol.  So I googled what to do for a dog.  I felt much better after I read that article. 

 After I gulped a couple times and felt my mouth and throat burning.  I went to the bathroom, pulled the trigger and made myself puke, not much came out, but some did.  After I gargled water and rinsed my mouth out I started boiling some water and put some rice in the water.  Rice is that go to food source for when my dog is having belly issues so I thought that would help me.  I ate a huge helping of rice and washed it down with a full glass of water.  

I’m telling my story so you don’t panic and waste $$$ on a ER visit if not need be.  The thing you want to worry about is Pulminary Aspiration (Going down the wrong tube).  Pine-sol in the lungs can be a deadly thing, if you feel you got some in your lungs, disregard everything I said and go to the hospital.  Call your local emergency number (such as 911) or the National Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.

I do work in a hospital but I’m not a doctor, I’m only telling my story cause I drank a couple solid gulps of diluted Pine-sol and everything I read online said for me to call 911.  I did monitor my breathing that night and I was ok.  


I hope this article helps someone save some money and feel at ease, but please if you feel you drank more than I did, you will want to consider going to the hospital.  


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