3 Teens Catch Massive 700-Pound Tuna After 7-Hour Ocean Battle Off Maine Coast

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Courtesy: Martin Scanlan

Off the coast of Portland, Maine, a group of teens recently reeled in the catch of a lifetime.

Friends Martin Scanlan, 16, of Aspen, Colorado, Griffin Buckwalter, 16, of Scarborough, and Wyatt Morse, 17, of Auburn, caught a 700-pound bluefin tuna earlier this month.

The whole struggle was captured on camera.

It took the trio seven hours to catch the massive fish.

Courtesy: Martin Scanlan

“The thing popped out of the water and I was completely shocked. It was just enormous,” said Buckwalter, who recorded the entire event.

“It just blew my mind when it came out of the water and it was just amazing,” said Scanlan.

A seafood distribution company in Portland bought the tuna from the teens for $2,000.

Many have taken to social media to express how impressed they are with the catch, but also mentioning that a fish of that size could fetch $40 a pound and the seafood distribution company took advantage of these young kids. Those in the fishing industry have said this fish could range from $7000 to $28,000 in value.