Instagram Model Mary Magdalene “My 38J Breast Implant Burst”

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Canadian Instagram model Mary Magdalene is now down to only one massive 38J sized breast.

Magdalene says that the 5,000cc filled breast implant has popped, leaving her with one filled and one saggy ‘uniboob’ and a bunch of saggy, tattoo laced skin.

Magdalene says that she has spent over six figures in various cosmetic surgeries in order to create her look, but the recent blowout has caused a her to rethink her image. She believe the popped implant is a sign that she needs to revert back to her original self and will have both implants removed.

It doesn’t look as though life is too easy when you are walking around with such large bazoombas. Last year, Magdalene was kicked off a flight from Canada to Texas because of her breasts as they were ‘too explicit’.

She has not explained what caused her implant to pop, but she is thinking about reversing many of her surgeries, including her booty!