Kindergarteners Forced to Learn and Play in Sealed Boxes At Reopened Schools

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The Wat Khlong Toey School in Bangkok is taking extreme measures to ensure that COVID-19 does not affect their students or staff.

When students arrive at school teachers give the children a face mask to wear throughout the day, while face shields are also provided in some cases.

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But that’s not all…

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Sinks and soap dispensers have been built outside classrooms and children are required to have a temperature check when they arrive, with a facial recognition scanner automatically sending a message to parents.

The school has also turned ballot boxes used in elections into partitions between desks.

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The protective screens are to ensure social distancing measures are followed.

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But, according to one student, the children feel much safer this way.

“I feel good studying behind the box because it makes me feel safer returning to school,” said student Kanlaya Srimongkhol.

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Since the images surfaced online, people have had mixed reactions.


Some folks are applauding the school for taking such serious precautions and keeping their children and staff safe from the coronavirus. While others are completely appalled and state that they would rather just keep their children home, rather then send them to school. Some even referenced the school as a ‘mini prison’.

What are your thoughts?