Man Builds An Incredibly Detailed Replica Of Disneyland – Out Of LEGOs

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John Daugherty of The Colony, Texas started a unique project three years ago and it turned into something much bigger than he ever expected. He began constructing his very own version Disneyland — out of LEGOs! And it’s rather incredible!

It started in 2017 when John picked up a Cinderella Castle Lego set that had 4080 pieces. Once put together, John decided to keep adding to the LEGO theme park!

“It’s kind of like my therapy, just a fun thing to do,” he told Good Morning America. “It’s very zen.”

John continued to build Disney LEGO sets and has now constructed over 25, rather complicated Disney LEGO sets. 

How much time has it taken? Well, John has spent over 300 hours of his time building the replica theme park.

In addition to the famous Disney castle, John has erected a replica of Disney’s ‘Main Street USA’, including a carousel, Marvel Land, a merry-go-round, pirate ship, treehouse, and the Disney Train Station. There are even Disney characters included in the creation.

This is simply too cool!