Watch As This Lion Feels Grass For The First Time After Being Caged For 13 Years

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Warning : This lion’s excitement is quite contagious!

After years of physical and psychological abuse, Will the #lion (formerly known as “Baby”) was rescued from a traveling #circus by the RioZoo in Brazil, and taken to the Rancho dos Gnomos sanctuary with the hopes of giving him a better life.

For the last 13 years this lion has been caged. Never has this lion felt the grass beneath its paws, not even so much as a single blade. The lion doesn’t know what clumps of dirt feel like, nor has the lion had the pleasure of taking a simple nap under a shady tree. The folks at Rancho dos Gnomos knew all that and they are making sure that this lion will never have to be caged again and will be able to live a natural, peaceful life.

Source : Youtube