Lilly KnobKnocker No Longer Has Knobs To Knock And She Isn’t Happy ’bout That

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Due to the recent downfall in the economy, former Knobs & Knockers employee Lilly knobknocker no longer has any knobs to knock.  Knobknocker was let go from her position at the London Knobs and Knockers location in late January and has not had a knob to knock since.

I miss my knobs and I miss knocking them” Knobknocker told us during a brief run in at the coffee shop across the street from the K&K last Thursday.  “I literally don’t know what to do…I sit here staring out of this coffee shop window all day, just looking at all those knobs I used to knock, it’s really sad and quite maddening knowing someone else is in there knocking my knobs, I’m just so pissed”. “This was my calling, I mean my last name is Knobknocker for Christ Sakes”.


Lilly Knobknocker peers out the window of a cafe just across the street from her old employer Knobs & Knockers


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