Lost Engagement Ring Found In Toilet 21-Years Later

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An engagement ring that was accidentally flushed down the toilet 21-years later, has been found and returned to overjoyed owners!

Nick and Shaina Day were not married yet when they went to visit Nick’s parents 21-years ago. Shaina was cleaning around the sink and accidentally threw the ring away with a piece of toilet paper.

When Shaina realized that she had lost the ring, the entire family began looking for the ring. Nick even went as far as climbing into the septic tank to look for it. Sadly, the ring was never found.

Little did everyone know, the ring was stuck in the toilet the entire time. A plumber recently replaced the toilet at Nick’s parents house and discovered the ring. He handed it over to Nick’s parents who decided to keep it a secret until Christmas Day, where they presented the ring to Nick and Shaina.

When the couple saw the ring for the first time in 21-years, they knew exactly what it was and were completely ecstatic!