MAGA Rap Is A Real Thing And Trump Supporters Can’t Get Enough Of It

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Well, you learn something new everyday! If you have never heard of MAGA rap…you are not alone…we too had no clue that this genre of music existed. But it does and it’s an entire subculture of Trump supporters who go hard for MAGA and the music.

The in your face media outlet VICE recently released a documentary which follows the most popular MAGA rappers and they don’t mess around when it comes to loving Donald Trump.

The main MAGA rapper and probably one of the biggest lovers of Trump we have ever seen, is a rapper named Forgiato Blow. Forgiato is based out of Florida, of course and he’s no stranger to making music. Blow has been making music for over a decade and has recorded with artists like Vanilla Ice and Rick Ross. But now, he spits lyrics that are all about Trump, his policies, anti trump memes and his thoughts and beliefs.

Forgiato Blow (Left)

Blow’s nickname is ‘The Mayor Of MAGAville” and refers to Trump as Uncle Trump. The top MAGA rappers drive fancy cars wrapped with huge images of Trump and don’t hide their love for the former President. And if the music and cars are not enough…these MAGA rappers cover their body with Trump based tattoos.

Forgiato Blow’s grandfather started the company ‘AutoTrader’ and sold it for a whopping $300 million, so Blow is no stranger to living a lavish lifestyle. This is big reason as to why Blow feels he resonates well with Trump.

Either way…MAGA rap is a real thing…now you know…and you can listen to Blow’s tunes on Youtube by clicking HERE!