Landlord Keeps Security Deposit & Sends $609 Repair Bill To The Father After Daughter Passes Away In Apartment

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What are your thoughts on this letter that was sent to a grieving father who just lost his daughter unexpectedly while just in her early 20s.

A Maine landlord sent the letter below to a father seeking over $600 in repair costs, some of those repair costs were due to emergency services having to damage the door and a railing to gain entry to the unit.

The father had this to say about this circumstance and exchange between and he and the landlord:

Father: “He tried to bill me for the repair balance of the damage that resulted in my daughter dying on the rug of one of his apartments and the fire department/ police damaging his door and railing.”

When I questioned his reasoning he said I vouched for her when she applied for the apartment a year ago. He said I needed to pay this I said he was heartless and he said whatever (name redacted) if you don’t want to hold up your word and responsibilities.

“She always paid her rent and was a good tenant. She didn’t die on purpose she had an untreated heart problem plus he kept her last month and deposit that she paid when she got the apartment and used it towards the cleaning and repairs. I couldn’t imagine doing this to someone grieving there child dying.”

Here is the letter in question. Let us know your thoughts…is this landlord in the right? Should he have sent a bill to the father just a few weeks after his daughter passed away? And after keeping the security deposit?