Man Accidentally Catches Cheating Wife On Google Street View

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Google Maps isn’t just for getting directions or checking out cool places around the world – it can be useful in other ways too!

A man in Peru was using Google Maps to find a decent route for an upcoming drive and he stumbled upon an image of two people on a park bench, one of which looked quite familiar to him.

Even though the woman’s face was blurred out, the man knew it was in fact his wife based on her clothes and appearance – the only problem was he wasn’t the guy his head on her.

As if seeing your wife rubbing another man’s head while resting in her lap wasn’t bad enough — the images that Google Maps was displaying for the dude, were way back in 2013. So this woman was hiding this little secret for quite a while!

He presented his wife with the images and she ultimately confessed to having an affair. The two did divorce.

Ironically, the bench his wife and her lover sat on was right by Lima’s aptly named Puente de los Suspiros de Barranco, which translates to the Bridge of Sighs of the Ravine.