Man Finds Over 70 Skillfully Hidden Packages In His Attic After Finding Secret Trap Door

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When Rudy was a young boy, he and his family fled from Czechoslovakia during WWII. 70-years-later, he discovered hidden treasures in his attic.

Wonder World/YouTube

The items were carefully stored by his father. But Rudy knew that there was more to be found. Rudy got in touch with a local museum, and representatives from that museum were with Rudy when he made his big discovery. Even the Mayor joined in the fun!

Over the years, many people have gone in and out of the attic, but only Rudy noticed that a small string had always been sticking out of the wall. When Rudy eventually pulled on the string, two boards came loose and that is when the trap door was located.

Once the boards were removed, Rudy could see that there was an entire hidden space beyond the wall. That space was filled with a ton of skillfully hidden, well wrapped packages.

Luckily Rudy had help that day, because there were over 70-packages tucked away and preserved in that hidden space. Far too much for just Rudy to handle.

As the packages were carefully opened, a treasure trove of awesomeness ensued. Most of the items dated back to the WWII era.

The dolls above were among the items found. Some items were carefully wrapped, while others were left out in the open. In addition to some rare items, there were also many everyday items tucked away. Items like clothing, hangers, shoes, paperweights, umbrellas, school tables, badges, books, sewing kits.

Once the professionals started digging deeper and opening packages, they began discovering some rare and valuable items.

Untouched paintings were among some of the most valuable items discovered.

The items have gone to a Czech museum in a town called Usti Nad Labem. Since the items are German property, the state has the legal right to keep what was left behind after the war.

To the left are two boxes with the dates “1939” and “1940” written on them, placing them in the direct timeline of WWII. The museum will be able to properly restore the items so that people can catch a glimpse of the old world.