Married Couple Finds Out They Are Actually Brother And Sister After 13 Years And Two Kids

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A married couple is making the rounds on the internet after finding out that they are actually brother and sister – oh, and they have two kids together too.

The couple has been married for 10-years and have been together for 13. They just recently had their second child together.

There is no evidence as of yet that the parties involved had been adopted in their younger years or not, but the couple recently took to TikTok to explain that they recently found out that they are siblings. If there are no adoptions involved, they could very well be half siblings.

Watch the video below:

This isn’t as uncommon as one would think with so many reputable DNA services available now, such as 23andMe, Ancestry, etc.. These services allow people to submit their DNA and receive a list of relatives that have used the service also.

What a wild world we live in!