Mentally Ill Mother Drops Off Deceased Baby To Daycare Thinking That The Baby Is Sleeping

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It was a very sad and disturbing situation at one daycare facility after a mother dropped off her baby, that had passed away.

The baby was sick and vomiting at the daycare center the day prior and the mother was informed that she would need a doctor’s note stating that the baby was fine to attend daycare — prior to being dropped off again.

The mother returned to the daycare a few days later (without a note) and dropped off the baby. The daycare workers allowed the baby to be dropped off and the mother stated that she had given her baby medicine and that the baby has been sleeping for a while.

However, within five minutes of the mother dropping off the child, the director of the daycare called to check in. When the staff member mentioned the child’s name, the director was surprised that the child was there and reminded the staff member that the mother was not supposed to bring the child back without a doctor’s note.

A staff member went to check on the ‘sleeping’ child and discovered that he was not moving. The director instructed the staff member to turn the baby over and it was very clear that the baby was deceased and had been for a few hours. The poor child was black and blue.

The mother did not kill the child however, as an autopsy revealed that the child died from natural causes, specifically from water in the brain. The mother did have a history of mental illness and more than likely had a severe mental breakdown reaction to finding her child deceased. Bringing the child to daycare like all was normal, was probably a coping mechanism. While not a normal coping mechanism, the mother’s brain didn’t function as a ‘normal’ brain should.

She was not charged with any crime.