Solider Son Surprises Mother At Home After Being Away For 4.5 Years

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U.S Army Specialist, Kyle Kracht, had spent 4.5 years away from home serving our country overseas. That’s 4.5 years without seeing his mother, friends or family. He had longed to be reunited with his mother and had even watched videos of other soldiers who had planned extravagant ways to surprise their loved ones when they returned home.

Thanks to his grandparents’ airline rewards points, Kracht was finally able to make a trip back to West Jordan, Utah where his mother, Cheri Hancock resided. Instead of hatching one of the elaborate schemes that he had watched videos of, Kracht waited for his mother in her kitchen—a simple plan that couldn’t have been more perfect for the woman. You are going to love how this mother reacted to seeing her son for the first time.


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