Miley Cyrus, MTV VMA Hostess Didn’t Disappoint With Her 11 Eyebrow-Raising Outfits

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WOWMiley Cyrus didn’t leave a lot to the imagination as she hosted the 2015 MTV VMA award show last night in Los Angeles.

It was no surprise to the world that #Cyrus had a barrage of outrageously mind-blowing outfits that she wore during the show. Some were revealing, some were not, but one thing is certain…they were outfits that only Miley Cyrus could pull off!

Cyrus’ surely gets a ‘job well done‘ in regards to her ability to host the VMA’s. She pulled out all the stops, gave the crowd and viewers at home a great show and something to talk about around the water cooler at work this a.m.!

The internet is still buzzing about her, so that is a sure sign she nailed the hostess job!

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