Nevada Man Storms Press Conference To Accuse Biden Campaign of ‘Stealing Votes’

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This election just keeps on getting crazier and crazier and it’s really bringing out some serious yahoos!

Take the case of this crazy dude in Nevada! He stormed a press conference that was discussing the vote count in the state.

Clearly this dude was having an issue following the president’s persistent accusations of election fraud by the Democrats. He definitely dressed for the occasion though!

The press conference was hosted by the Nevada Registrar of Voters in Clark County.

An elections official had just finished telling the press that the state was not ready to release a final vote count when a man in a white T-shirt reading “BBQ, Beer, Freedom” emerged from behind and began yelling that the “Biden crime family” was stealing the election and that the media was trying to cover it up.

And he wouldn’t let it go…

He accused Biden of stealing the election…and repeated that several times before simply walking away.

**Note: We don’t ever take a public political stance here at AwesomeJelly — we simply share interesting things that are happening around the world.