October Will Have Two Full Moons, The Second A “Blue Moon” That Will Be Glowing On Halloween.

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Astronomy experts say two supermoons will be shining in the sky this year, and one month — October — will have two full moons, making the second a “blue moon” that will be glowing on Halloween. Halloween should be a little extra eerie this year!

Blue moons typically appear once every two to three years, but it is rare that one would reveal itself on Halloween. The next blue moon on Halloween will appear in 2039!

Supermoons are moons that become full when their orbits are closer than average to the Earth — making them appear to be slightly bigger and as much as 30% brighter than ordinary full moons. Most experts say a supermoon is a moon that tracks less than 223,000 miles from the Earth during its full phase.

Jan. 10 2:21 p.m. wolf moon
Feb. 9 2:33 a.m. snow moon
March 9 1:47 p.m. worm moon / supermoon
April 7 10:35 p.m. pink moon / supermoon
May 7 6:45 a.m. flower moon
June 5 3:12 p.m. strawberry moon
July 5 12:44 a.m. buck moon / thunder moon
Aug. 3 11:58 a.m. sturgeon moon
Sept. 2 1:22 a.m. corn moon
Oct. 1 5:05 p.m. harvest moon
Oct. 31 10:49 a.m. blue moon
Nov. 30 4:29 a.m. beaver moon
Dec. 29 10:28 p.m. cold moon

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