Olympic Swimmer Swims Laps With A Glass Of Milk On Her Head – And Doesn’t Spill A Drop

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I personally have no clue how this woman does not spill a drop as she swims laps with a full glass of milk resting on head.

Katie Ledecky is an Olympic swimmer and she recently showed off just how steady and focused of a swimmer she is. In a recent video posted to Instagram, Ledecky swims laps while resting a full glass of milk on her head – and she doesn’t spill a drop!

The glass of chocolate milk is perched on top of Katie as she begins to swim the length of the Olympic swimming pool. Not only does the glass not drop off her head, but not a single drop of milk is spilled. She even gets the glass off of her head and takes a drink at the end.

All I know is I would not want to go up against her in a swim meet. Anyone who can swim laps with a glass of milk on their head and not spill a drop is clearly a focused competitor!

Why am I seeing a ‘Got Milk’ commercial in Katie’s near future?!?