Only A True Puzzle Master Can Find The ‘Odd Duck’ In Less Than 20-Seconds

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As an adult, our brains are filled with all sorts of non stop thoughts. Work, kids, taking care of a house, etc. So sometimes its nice to just sit, chill and and waste a few seconds on something fun and brain stimulating!

Many of us have quite a bit of extra time on our hands at the current moment as we are confined to our homes quarantining! So with that said, check out this little brain teaser below! I will admit, it took me longer than 20-seconds to find the ‘odd duck’.

Find the duck facing forward

Here is today’s challenge. Below you’ll see a picture filled with ducks, all facing the same direction. But one duck is facing the opposite direction.

The challenge: find the duck facing forward in under 20 seconds.

Did you find the duck? With so many ducks so close to each other is not an easy task.

If you didn’t find it, don’t worry. You can see the answer below.

Here is the solution

Okay, here it is in case you missed it.

Not so easy was it? Or maybe it was easy for you! If it was…you have seriously great observation skills! I on the other hand…clearly do not!