People Who Got Caught Cheating On Facebook

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Scroll to #15 to see this one play out!

With the rise of social media, our social lives are exposed more so than ever before. People just seem to know everything about everyone! Which is why social media, especially Facebook, is place that cheaters should stay far — far away from.

Below, you will witness a tragic collection of not-so-stealthy cheaters whose own stupidity got them busted! From accidental wall posts, to a cheaters Facebook account left open and ready to be hacked!

P.s. Cheating isn’t cool!

1. Unclaimed Property

2. How Do I Delete

3. Looking For Sympathy – FAIL

4. Now This Is Low

5. The Herps

6. Breakfast In Bed

7. The Good Neighbor

8. The Facebook Farewell

9. Open Book

10. Awkward Answer

11. Now This Has To Hurt

12. Two Girls Talking – Busted

13. Parental Disaster

14. The Direct Approach



15. The Craziest Ever