These Nordic Prison Cells Look Just Like Luxury Hotel Rooms

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I guess not all jails are bad…I mean, have you seen these Nordic prison cells?

These Nordic cells look a lot like a luxury hotel room or a $3,000 a month apartment in San Francisco.

A Nordic prisoner cell.

The actual cells are designed so prisoners are comfortable — allowing them to reflect on their crimes. Complete with windows, power outlets, TV, soft lighting, a nice desk with chair and a super comfy bed!

If you think that the actual cells are nice, take a look at the common area for prisoners below.

The common area features a complete kitchen, fridge, stove and sink. There is also a gorgeous private shower and toilet area.

Another section of the common area features beautiful wooden tables, sofas and chairs and entertainment — like games, books, TV and radio!

Sort of makes you want to commit a petty crime just to check out this place!

Darrell Owens is the one who first shared these images on his Twitter account. He wanted to highlight how various prisons choose to rehabilitate their prisoners.

People began sharing what their prisons look like in various countries.

So basically the moral of the story here is…if you are going to commit a crime…do it in a Nordic territory.