Pizza Delivery Driver Saves The Day By Ending Police Chase Mid-Delivery – The Hero We All Need

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Just when you thought that the world was lacking in the hero department…a delivery driver from Cocco’s Pizzeria in Aston, PA comes out of nowhere and saves the freaking day — while holding a pizza!

There isn’t a ton of crime in Delaware County, but on this fateful day there was a crime going down that the police were having a hard time to handle on their own. A high speed chase was going down and it that shit wasn’t about to happen on the pizza delivery dudes watch!

The pizza dude does have a name…and it’s Tyler Morrell.

Rolling up to the customers door with pizza in hand, this driver’s spidey senses were already kicking in. Maybe in was something in the air, maybe it was the sirens blaring down the road…or maybe it was the customer leaning out here door wondering what in the actual F is going on. Luckily for the world, everything was caught on the customers security camera.

The customer opened the door and began conversing with the delivery guy…sirens roared and both wondered what was going on. Then it became clear, a high speed chase was about to end right in front of them.

As the suspect comes to a stop and bails, police jump out of their cruisers to give chase. This coming after the delivery guy exclaimed ‘You better not hit my fucking car’. As the suspect ran between the delivery driver and his car…police in tow…the hero we all needed sweeps the suspects leg…taking him down so he can go downtown!


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