Couple Creates The ‘Purrfect’ Giant Pocket Shirt Designed To Carry Around Your Best Friend…And More!

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pocket pet pioneer

They are called ‘PocketPioneers‘ and if you love your animal, you are going to want one of these bad boys!

I mean, who doesn’t want to take their small pet with them wherever they go? Forget having to carry a bag over your shoulder or on your back…these shirts are designed with ‘giant’ pocket in the front that will allow your cuddly buddy to roll with you throughout your day!

You can also use the shirt to go hands free! Put your phone in the pocket, a football or even a slushi!

There are a ton of awesome designs that you will no doubt find attractive for your and your pet to rock!

pocket pet pioneer

Pocket Pioneers is built on the three things:

Freedom. There’s no need to tie down your hands at the family BBQ with your beer and hot dogs. That’s what giant pockets are for. Furthermore, freedom is enhanced when the giant pocket is red, white and blue.

Fun. Let’s be honest, the original pioneers just wanted to have fun and do things the way they wanted to. We took a leaf out of their book and made t-shirt pockets the way we wanted to. Extra freakin large.

Abundance. Small pockets are remnants of a constrictive past. Giant pockets offer you an abundance of space and options to put whatever you please in there.

The shirts cost $29.95 and can be purchased here