Raindrop-Shaped Tents Let You Sleep In The Trees While Camping

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The raindrop tent design was originally designed to aid activists protesting and fighting against trees being cut down. Originally designed by Dre Wapenaar 20-years-ago, their popularity continues to grow year after year.

The unique style of the tents and the obvious positioning of the tents, make them a rather interesting option for sleeping while camping.

Dré Wapenaar, a Dutch sculptor and designer who worked a lot with canvas, was well aware of the usual limitations of some tent designs. So, he decided to go outside of the box a little and create the ‘raindrop’ shaped tent.

The design was inspired by England’s Road Alert Group. The activist group members would chain themselves to various trees in order to keep them from being cut down. Rather genius right?

Now, the tents are used for more relaxing purposes, such as sleeping among the trees with friends and family.

According to Dre Wapenaar, “the excessive constructing of highways through forests” is a real problem.

He wanted the activists to be able to remain safe and dry while they fought back against those cutting down trees.

The tents measure 13-feet tall and are 9 feet in diameter. The canvas is wrapped around a steel frame, offering the necessary comfort and structure. A family of four is able to fit inside with relative ease. The hardwood sleeping platform is quite roomy and comes with a round mattress.

You can more unique designs by Wapenaar: Dre Wapenaar