Real-Life Barbie Claims She Will ‘Re-Virginize’ Herself With Designer Vagina Surgery

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Nanette Hammond is a model who has spend over $460,000 in order to convert her look into the like of Barbie. Now she has revealed her plans for yet another surgery – a surgery that she claims will allow her to “be a virgin” again. Hammond believes the cosmetic procedure, called a labiaplasty, will make her feel brand new again by giving her a “designer vagina.”


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Hammond already had multiple boob jobs, regular lip fillers, and Botox treatments among other procedures, that’s not the end of things. Looking like Barbie also means she goes for weekly tanning sessions and has even gotten veneers for the perfect smile.

Hammond believes that the magical ‘vagina doctor’ can make her completely pure again!

Dr. Amir Marashi is a New York gynecologist who specializes in labiaplasty surgery, and Hammond plans on flying out from Ohio to seek his services. “My Barbie designer vagina surgery will complete my transition from human to a plastic Barbie…” she told The Daily Star. “[I want the surgery] so I can be a virgin again! What woman wouldn’t want a Ms. Barbie Designer Vagina? The fountain of youth begins with a youthful vagina!”

The surgery can cost anywhere from $1500 to $4000 and it sounds like a painful surgery. The surgery procedure can be done quite quickly, however the surgery can cause severe bruising and swelling – that could last for weeks.

Hammond has no plans to stop her surgeries and Barbie up keep. She states that she will continue this until she is 70-years-old and beyond!