Signs That Your Significant Other Doesn’t Respect You

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Disrespect in a relationship can come in all sorts of forms, but in the end, the result is typically the same. Lack of respect is actually one of the biggest reasons as to why couples breakup. Breaking up is probably the best option when a significant other is disrespectful, disloyal and uncaring, as this can lead to positive changes in the life of the disrespected.

Oftentimes the person being disrespected in the relationship will make excuses as to why their partner is being the way they are — this causes them to stay in that horrific, toxic relationship. They keep giving their all, while their partner could care less. With that said, here’s how you can tell you are in a toxic relationship with someone who truly doesn’t care about you.

1. They Lie Often

Dishonestly is a major deal breaker when it comes to a good relationship. A good relationship must have trust and if you partner is constantly lying to you, they are not respecting you whatsoever.

2. They Make Excuses

Your partner may make excuses as to why they are not ‘loving’ or as ‘caring’ as you want. They may blame it on themselves, saying things like ‘I need help, or I’m just not an emotional person’. This is a form of gaslighting and lying. They are simply not into you and don’t respect you enough to just tell you and break it off.

3. They Stop Talking To You As Often

You go from texting all day to just a few hours a day and the messages get shorter and shorter. They don’t have time for you. They just contact you to appease you. This is a big sign that they are checked out and don’t respect you at all.

4. They Attack Everything You Say

You can’t say anything right, no matter how small. Instead of listening to your thoughts, ideas, wants and needs, they just respond with negativity or shut you down.

5. They Don’t Give Put In The Effort or Give You Time

Have you ever been in a relationship where you gave your all, you did everything you could to make the other person happy. You helped them with anything they needed in their life, but when it came time for them to help you, they just weren’t there. That’s a major form of disrespect. They take, take, take, and never give back. They don’t care enough about you to go out of there way. It’s time to move on if you fall into this pattern.

6. They Speak In ‘I’ Statements

Being in a relationship with someone and having them always speak as though they are still single, is a big issue and major red flag. For example, if they are talking about going on a fun vacation and they say things to you like ‘I just want to go on vacation, I would love to just relax, I would have to find a flight for myself though’. When they speak in ‘I’ statements when speaking about things that should include you. This means that they don’t want to include you, you are not a thought in their plans. So in the example we just stated, you wouldn’t be their first thought when going on vacation.

7. They Cheat

Ahhh, cheating. This is the most immature and ridiculous form of disrespect. A cheater is a liar and a liar is someone who breaks all trust. If a person is willing to entertain another man or woman’s love, either emotional or physical — while they are dating you — they need to go, sooner than later. It will never change and it’s clear that they don’t respect you at all.