5 True and Interesting Facts To Start Your Day (Day #13)

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Welcome to our new daily series of true and interesting facts that you probably don’t need to know, but should know!

Impress your friends, coworkers and family members with your absolute genius mind! These true and interesting facts can really get a conversation going! Get ready to see mind’s being blown, because we are about to drop some serious useless fact knowledge on you!

Remember…you can never have too much useless knowledge!

Fact #1

Brunch was created in 1895 as a ‘hang over meal’

Fact #2

Theodore Roosevelt had a pet bear named Jonathan Edwards.

Fact #3

Chinese Checkers was actually invented in Germany

Fact #4

A typical day during the dinosaur age was only 23 hours. This was because the speed that the Earth rotated back then.

Fact #5

Booze was invested before the wheel was invented.