Snow Day Dilemma | Do You Send Your Kids To School Knowing It Will Be An Early Release?

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As a parent, I find it quite frustrating to know that a massive snow storm is on the horizon and my children’s school has chosen to not call it a snow day. Instead, the school will have children show up as normal and then send out a message at 7:55 a.m., stating that it will be an early release day. Talk about annoying!


A parents, we all have a pretty good idea as to when school is going to be released early. Most of us work and it is difficult to just go and grab your child at 11:30 a.m.. So this brings up a series of questions. 

  1. Do you keep your kids home if you know it will most certainly be an early release day? After all, it is much easier to make plans for your children prior to sending them off all packed up and ready for school. 
  2. Should schools take into consideration the inconvenience it is to parents when keeping school open, only to call an early release day five minutes after school starts? We all know the schools want to get in that school day so they don’t have to make it up when the summer sun is shining, but it seems a rather selfish move…as it is truly a pain in the a** for parents to deal with. 

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Should have stayed home!

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