Some Lucky Dude From New Jersey Just Cashed In The $1.2 Billion Mega Millions Winning Ticket

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Someone in New Jersey bought a single Mega Millions tickets and took the entire kit and caboodle! Oh, and they picked their own numbers…so yea…pretty lucky stuff!

The numbers drawn were: 7, 11, 22, 29, 38 and the gold Mega Ball 4. State lottery officials said the winning ticket was sold at ShopRite Wines & Spirits of Neptune, which is located on the Jersey Shore. It was the biggest jackpot win in state history, according to New Jersey Lottery officials.

Just when you thought you were having a decent week! Here comes some New Jersey dude…or dudette…and scoops up a nice fat chunk of change. The cash value is $551,700,000 before taxes, so they will taxed like crazy and walk away with an easy $250 million plus! Not bad for a quick trip to the store!