5 True and Interesting Facts To Start Your Day (Day #10)

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Welcome to our new daily series of true and interesting facts that you probably don’t need to know, but should know!

Impress your friends, coworkers and family members with your absolute genius mind! Get ready to see mind’s being blown, because we are about to drop some serious useless fact knowledge on you!

Remember…knowledge is power!

Fact #1

Goldfish are able to tell the music of one composer from another.

Fact #2

The third Apple founder was named Ronald Wayne and he sold his 10 percent stake for just $800 in 1976.

Fact #3

Albert Einstein’s likeness was part of the inspiration for Yoda.

Fact #4

There is a place called The Crooked Forest in Poland and it’s home to hundreds of pine trees curved at a 90° angle.

Fact #5

Floccinaucinihilipilification, is one of the longest words in the English language! It means ‘the act of estimating that something is worthless’.