That Time George Clooney Gifted 14 Of His Closest Friends $1 Million Each

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George Clooney is certainly worth a boatload of money and he isn’t stingy with it by any means.

Back in 2017 Rande Gerber, made headlines when he revealed that Clooney had gifted him and 13 others a huge cash gift back in 2013. It wasn’t just any cash gift, it was a briefcase full of $1 million dollars.

Clooney never spoke publicly about his generosity until 2020 while being interviewed by GQ magazine. Clooney stated that he is getting older and so are his friends. He said, “I was a single guy. All of us were aging. I was 52 or something and most of my friends are older than me. And we’re all really close, and I just thought basically if I get hit by a bus, they’re all in the will. So why the f— am I waiting to get hit by a bus?”

He explained further to the magazine, “What I do have are these guys who’ve all, over a period of 35 years, helped me in one way or another. I’ve slept on their couches when I was broke. They loaned me money when I was broke. And I thought, you know, without them I don’t have any of this.”

Clooney didn’t just hand over $1 million in cash to his friends though, he obviously had to make the process as theatrical and awesome as possible. I mean, it’s not everyday that you are handing out $14 million in cash within one room of people.

A plan was hashed and it went like this – Clooney arrived at a Los Angeles bank with a small group of security. He had prearranged to have $14 million in cash ready to go. Once the pick up was made, Clooney placed $1 million in 14 suitcases. They drove the money to his home in a beat up white van with the word ‘Florist’ on the side.

When he arrived, his friends had zero clue what was happening. When he handed each of them a briefcase, he said it was a way of saying ‘thank you’ for always being there for him.

It truly pays to be a good friend – to George Clooney anyways!