The Youtuber That Hilariously Trolls People Playing Poker In Virtual Reality

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The virtual reality (VR) world has been around for quite some time now and for years, people could enter a virtual world and live an alternate life. One of the things you can do in the virtual world is go to the casino and play a little poker with other people from around the globe that have also entered the virtual world. One Youtuber has created an entire channel dedicated to annoying people while the play poker in a virtual world — and it’s hilarious.

Youtube channel ‘Good Griefs‘ will sit down at a virtual poker table and annoy people until they absolutely lose their minds. From going ‘all in’ every single hand and talking smack to making sure that everyone read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ prior to entering the virtual world.

Here are a few of our favorite videos.

Going All In…

Playing Blackjack At The Poker Table