These Candles Smell Just Like Your Favorite Disney Theme Park, Disney Store And Disney Rides!

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If you have ever been to a Disney theme park, then you are well aware of the very distinct smells that float around the park, resorts and rides. Well now you can bring those smells right into your home with Disney scented candles! These candles will surely bring back some awesome memories!

You can buy Disney scented candles from a few different places, such as Etsy. One super popular company that makes these types of candles is the Magic Candle Company. In addition to candles, they also offer aroma plugins and hanging air fresheners with the same, awesome Disney scents!

Below are just 20 of the scents that they offer – but you get the idea! Just thinking about these candles will make you smell certain parts of Disney!

If you have been to Disney you can probably remember the smell of certain rides, such as the oceanic mist smell of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Or maybe you remember the smell of the Mickey Mouse waffles from breakfast! Either way, you have a ton of different Disney park related scents to choose from! Pretty cool if you ask us!