These Ridiculous Yearbook Quotes From The 1940s Are Ahead Of Their Time

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A yearbook quote is not just a quote you thought of in the moment. No, it’s much more than that. It’s how you will be immortalized for years to come. You had to think carefully about the words you put down next to your name and picture, because you would be forever linked to that quote. Unfortunately for these people, their quote didn’t really show their most positive traits. This yearbook from 1946 is full of quotes that are a little bit more than shocking.

These are just rude.

Anyone with the nickname “Pansy” probably doesn’t like it.

Are all of these about physical appearance?

I love how the yearbook told Mildred that her husband is going to cheat on her.

Audrey Roach, look out, she’s got a lot of boyfriends.

(source Reddit)