They Offered To Fill His Gas Tank & Ended Up Reuniting Him With His Son After 28 Years

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I guess good things do come to those who wait. In this case, one man waited 28 years to meet his son for the first time and everything just fell into place, thanks to this FOX news channel.

FOX5 in Las Vegas has a segment they call FOX5 Surprise Squad. Typically the station picks a person in need and offers them a little surprise help. In this case, things worked a little different.

FOX5 was toying around with the idea of using Twitters new app called ‘Periscope’ which lets user comment on live video. FOX5 went to a gas station and were going to offer to fill up a strangers vehicle with gas. As the crew help up their cell phone with Periscope video rolling, Twitter followers told the crew which person at the pump they felt deserved the fill up. Once the individual was chosen, the FOX5 crew had no clue what they were truly in for.

The news reporter walked up to a man and asked him if he was going to be filling up his gas tank. He laughed and stated he was putting in $5 worth of gas. The reporter offered to fill his gas tank and that is when the man started to break down and explained to the world a little bit about his life.

The man’s pickup truck was filled with home goods which he was trying to sell in order to make it from Las Vegas to San Diego where he wanted to meet his son for the first time. His son was 28 and the two have never met one another. The man also has two grandchildren he was looking forward to meeting for the first time as well.

The reporter, shocked and moved by the mans story, offered him $500 on top of the fill up to aid him on his journey. Just as soon as the man could say thank you, the crew also let the man know they were going to buy everything in his truck for another $500.

We won’t spoil the ending…so take a look below to see what happens!


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