This Is How Dirty Your Face Mask Can Get When You Wear It

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Both reusable and disposable face masks were tested and the results were quite alarming.

With so many of us wearing face masks on the daily now, masks have become a part of our everyday attire. However, face masks don’t always get washed as often as our regular, everyday clothing. This isn’t because we are dirty people, but rather that we just forget to wash our face masks. If you are like me, you often leave your mask in the car and when that happens, it’s easy to forget to toss it in the washer!

The news anchors on TODAY recently stepped up to the plate to do some investigative work. They wanted to find out how dirty the masks got when they were worn. This was not only true on the inside but also the outside of the mask. They tested some that were reusable and others that were disposable. There was only one mask that didn’t have any bacteria on it when all was said and done.

Check out the segment below to see just how dirty these face masks are getting! And remember — try to wash your face mask at least once a week!