This Is The Most STRESSFUL Time Of Day…According To Science

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Are you a morning person? A night owl?

A recent survey determined what the most stressful time of day is…so much so, they take it right down to the most stressful minute of the day.

The survey asked questions about what time of day people felt stressed, what lead up to that stressful period. Over 200 people were surveyed.

What did they find out?

Drum roll please………………………….The most stressful time of day is 7:23 a.m..

What is strange, the most stressful time of day is 7:23 a.m., the stressors don’t really kick in until 8:18 a.m..

Men typically begin stressing out around 8:43 a.m., that’s when they encounter their first stress. Women tend to stress around 7:50 a.m..

What were some of the everyday dramas that we experience? The biggest include the following:

  • Spilling Something on Your Clothing
  • Getting Stuck in Traffic
  • Dropping Something and Breaking It Accidentally
  • Soiling the Carpet by Spilling Something
  • Waking Up Late

The top causes behind the stressors tended to be tiredness (46%), not sleeping well (36%), and a busy workday (33%).

24% of those surveyed said it is difficult to relax when minor annoyances occur. 35% of those polled said those little dramas were just a part of everyday life.

Everyday annoyances can also impact our lives in other ways. 41% of those surveyed said they had been kept awake at night because of a simple annoyance. These numbers included 50% of women and 32% of men.

When we experience those small dramas throughout the day, we may feel frustrated (32%) or anxious (23%). About 21% admitted that everyday anxieties could leave you feeling tired.

More info on the survey can be seen here – SWNS