‘I’m Not Walking Your Sh*t 100 Yards’, Amazon Worker Leaves Package In The Snow

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One Amazon worker took to TikTok to express her frustration with Amazon’s new rule, penalizing the driver for getting stuck in a customer’s driveway.

In the video posted by TikToker Amber (@ambergirts) on Jan. 23, she shows an icy road in front of her delivery truck while she rants about a new delivery rule.

“Amazon just created a new rule that if we pull down peoples’ driveways and get stuck, then we lose our 10-hour guarantee and then we get suspended for a week. I think we can walk up to a football field away. I’m not walking your shit 100 yards,” Amber says in the clip.

Amber then focused her camera on the package she dropped off, which is propped up against the mailbox in a snowbank.

“Because we can’t deliver to mailboxes either,” she continues. “That’s government property and only for USPS. So yes, Amazon pays well, but this shit is for the birds.”

The caption reads, “For the sake of my job this is a joke but let me rant anyways.”

@ambergirts i wanted to take him home but his owner came and got him out lol #fyp #trending #amazon #amazondelivery #amazondeliverydriver ♬ original sound – ambergirts

The comments on the video appear to agree with Amber’s viewpoint on the situation. Many saying that they have worked for Amazon as well and it can be a total nightmare. One user commented on how they worked for Amazon for 4 days, delivered over 350 packages within their city – with zero parking anywhere. They stated that they cried each and every day out of frustration.