This Website Offers Virtual Escape Rooms That You Can Play With Friends And Family

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There is a new player in the game in regards to online escape rooms!

Trapped In The Web provides a number of rooms that you can enjoy getting out of with your friends and family…or solo!

You just need to assemble your group and opt to do the room either over video chat, text or gathered round the same screen.

You will then go on to make your way through the virtual rooms, solving puzzles as you go to escape. The website says that each room should provide you and your mates with one or two hours’ worth of fun.

Currently, there are five rooms available. The first is ‘Space Race’ which will require players to escape from a damaged space station with no gravity or power. That is currently offered for £3.49 ($4.30).

The other rooms are all £7.99 ($9.80) which is a bargain considering what you pay for a normal escape room. They include: ‘Cabin Fever’ where you will wake on a cruise ship and have to get yourselves back on dry land, ‘A Night At The Theatre’ where you’re trapped with no cast or crew and have to escape.

Then there’s ‘School’s Out’ which is a ‘beginner’ level room so might be ideal to get some little brains involved in the fun. Players will find themselves accidentally locked in school after a reunion and must break out.

Finally, the only ‘expert’ level room is ‘Out Of Hours’ where you and your team are sent to an office building out of hours where you will be required to investigate the dodgy dealings of the rogue CEO.

You can find more out and book a room here.