Security Camera Captures The Most Polite Armed Robbery Ever!

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polite robbery

The owner of a Seattle convenience store found himself in a rather strange situation when a man decided to rob him in the kindest way possible.

The stores security footage captured an older gentleman approaching the counter and paying for his coffee with cash and change. Seems normal right? Well, it was normal…for a moment.

After the man was done paying for his items, he paused. Seemingly nervous, the customer asked the store owner if he could ‘do him a favor?’. The kind store owner simply replied ‘yes’.

Just as soon as the store owner said yes, the customer pulled out a gun and asked the owner to ’empty the till’. The calm, cool and collected store owner as the man if he was robbing him and than asked if he was sure he wants to this.

“I’m robbing you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure.”

The customer turned gunman said that he was very sorry, but he has bills to pay and his kids need food. The gunman apologized time and time again. The store owner even offered the man $40 to just walk away, but the gunman wanted the entire contents of the cash register.

The store owner obliged and was clearly not impressed with the man’s actions.

This robbery is by far one of the most polite robberies ever performed.