University Of Iowa’s Caitlin Clark’s Incredible Scoring Record

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University of Iowa’s Caitlin Clark has single handedly changed women’s basketball and will continue to do so as she heads to the WNBA. Her skill and scoring record speaks for itself, it’s simply mind blowing. This young lady shoots and drains more threes from mid court than anyone we have ever seen! Every time she hits the court she is playing in front of a sold out crowd. Big sports names, famous actors and singers…all showing up to see her live. It’s wild…and it’s awesome!

Let’s take a look at her amazing scoring record shall we…?

  • Clark scored her 3,528th point of her career in a game against Michigan, setting a new record for the most points in women’s NCAA history. Two weeks later she broke the all-time women’s record of 3,649 points.
  • Clark then beat Pete Maravich’s record of 3,667 points for the most career points in Division 1 history for men and women.
  • Clark currently rocks over 3,798 points and a 28.3 scoring average across her four-year collegiate basketball career.
  • Clark broke the NCAA Division I record for 3-pointers (163) in a season by a man or woman.
  • Clark is the first Division 1 player to top 1,000 assists and 800 rebounds. She has over 59 career games with at least 25 points, five assists, and five rebounds, yet another NCAA record shattered.

Clark has stated she will join the WNBA and she will be the number one draft pick of 2024. In addition, Nike has endorsed her and Ice Cube’s ‘BIG 3’ Basketball League has offered her $5 million for a one year contract to play for their organization.