5 True and Interesting Facts To Start Your Day (Day #11)

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Welcome to our new daily series of true and interesting facts that you probably don’t need to know, but should know!

Impress your friends, coworkers and family members with your absolute genius mind! These true and interesting facts can really get a conversation going! Get ready to see mind’s being blown, because we are about to drop some serious useless fact knowledge on you!

Knowledge is power!

Fact #1

Blood donors in Sweden receive a thank you text when their blood is used on a patient.

Fact #2

The dot over a lowercase “i” is called a tittle.

Fact #3

A group of pug dogs is called a grumble.

Fact #4

Large cats like lions and jaguars love catnip just like house cats!

Fact #5

A 21-year-old man from Arizona saved a woman’s life using the CPR technique that he learned watching an episode of The Office.