Useful Apps To Download Into Your Phone For Use In Sao Paulo

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Busiest and largest city in South America, Sao Paulo requires you to come with full preparation. Before your journey, you will need travel insurance online. A new person may find it difficult to get directions. In this situation, you will need reliable assistance. Fortunately, here are some apps that can make your life easy. You must have these useful apps on your phone:


The city like Sao Paulo requires you to must have this app in your mobile. The app depends on the combination of crowd-sourced updates and transit information to provide accurate details of public transportation. With this app, you can find out train and bus schedules, the destination of routes, service alerts, and arrival forecasts. The app is free and available in over 40 languages. You can download it from Google Play and iTunes.

Pedala SP

It allows you to discover the best routes for the bikes in the city. You can get updated information about cycling infrastructure of Sao Paulo. The users can find lanes of bikes (preferential, recreational and permanent), outdoor and indoor parking spots and locations with bike lanes.

With this app, you can create a safe route between two sites and see the elevation of every route. It allows you to choose the best path as per our fitness level and mood. This app is free on iTunes and Google Play in English and Portuguese.


Viapp is an ideal app for people who like nightclubs and parties. This free app sends the username to lists of the club, make reservations at nightclubs, and sell invitations. It allows you to connect with your friends on social media. Feel free to download this free app from Google Play and iTunes in English and Portuguese.

Tem Fila

There is no need to wait in a line at nightclubs, bank branches, and restaurants. Download this free app and deal with all these problems in Sao Paulo. With this app, you can find nearby places, check their reputation, write comments and enter your ratings.

To view status of inbred lines, click on the name of the desired establishment and get information within a few minutes. The app will tell you the duration to wait for a table in your selected nightclub or restaurant. Download this app from Google Play and iTunes in Portuguese and English versions.

Cool Tours

After downloading this app, you can comfortably explore Sao Paulo. You will get the information about architecture, shows, culture, and art in Sao Paulo. It will be easy for you to discover cultural itineraries. Get necessary information about events like time, payment option and price before attending this event.

Cool Tours suggests interesting points to each user as per the ratings of these locations. You can download Portuguese and English versions of this app from Google Play and iTunes.

Things to Avoid while Packing for Sao Paulo

  • Swimsuit: You can buy a swimsuit in Sao Paulo. Wearing skimpy suits will be fun. Even an overweight person must not worry because people of Brazil like to show their skin regardless of their body type. You can’t go topless in Sao Paulo.

  • The currency of Sao Paulo: Avoid getting currency of Sao Paulo in advance. You must inform your bank about your travel so that you can get the advantage of your card. Some ATMs in Brazil do charge a substantial fee, particularly at airports, but you can use your credit card to pay for everything including Uber or taxis. It allows you to get better exchange rates.

  • Phrasebooks and Dictionaries: Instead of packing phrase books and Portuguese-English dictionaries, you must install Google Translate, Reverso, and WordReference on your smartphone.