WATCH: Extreme Motocross Biker Robbie Maddison Surfs Massive Waves On A Dirt Bike | ‘Pipe Dream’

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We all should be used to having Robbie Maddison blow our minds at this point. He is a man who makes his entire living on doing things on a motorcycle that no one would ever think about. But now, he has outdone himself in a fashion that is downright incomprehensible. Witness the insanity that is “Pipe Dream”, probably the most innovative action sports film project that you will see for a long time. Surfing and moto have never come together like this and history has been made!


Robbie Maddison underwater in Tahiti© Garth Milan/DC Shoes

The collaboration video with DC Shoes was done in Tahiti, on a regular KTM250SX with a couple of custom mods, allowing the bike to hydroplane for long distances without that whole sinking thing (although inflatable floats were attached to the bike, just in case).